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About Southwest Trees & Land Clearing Inc. Reviews

Southwest Tree Service & Land Clearing is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Click the Home link above to read our reviews. You can also verify they are legitimate reviews by visiting the source website written next to review.

About Southwest Trees

While working with my brother Mike Reid who has been in the tree Care Industry for 30 years, I really enjoyed working outside in the fresh air and sunshine and eventually decided it was a good idea to start a tree business of my own.

South West Tree Care is a company that cares about the customers, and I believe this really shows if you read our great reviews. Customers always love the work we do. We get many compliments after the job is done!!!

Tree care is a dangerous job and South West Tree Care does a lot to stay safe when other companies do not even have a safety meeting. Safety is a top concern at South West Trees & Land clearing.

I've been told repeatedly that we are "One of the most honest companies around!"

I never manipulate people for extra money or ad extra fees on to the bill at the end of the job.

About Categories of Tree Work we Do!!!

We trim and remove all trees. We usually use a bucket truck when the trees are accessible and when given permission to drive on lawn.

About Categories of Lot & Land Clearing Work we Do!!!

Southwest Trees & Land Clearing's can legally do brush clearing/ mulching clearing all counties. However, our Top rated Affiliates are only licensed to do "new construction residential land clearing" for "new" home construction in Sarasota County only. In Charlotte County our affiliate partners (*who has excellent reviews) can only clear with owner builders & under General Contractors permit only. Meaning the owner builder will have to get the permit themselves! This means projets have to be supervised by the owner themselves or supervised by the general contractor.

We do all types of land clearing.

We are involved with these types of land clearing services and and land clearing job tasks: tree clearing, land mulching, brush clearing/mowing, junk & trash removal, field clearing, bush hog service, backyard clearing, forest clearing, vegetation clearing, various tractor service, root raking, tree and brush removal.

Service Areas

Region we serve in vicinity to our home base :We serve areas Englewood, FL East to Punta Gorda, FL, and from Englewood,FL North to Sarasota, FL, and Englewood, FL South to Boca Grande, FL . We will travel further for larger jobs that are usually negotiated over the phone.

A directory of Cities We do various Tree related Services in are as follows: Englewood, FL - Venice, FL - Nokomis, FL - North Port, FL - El Jobean, FL- Port Charlotte, FL - Rotonda,FL - Placida,FL- Gulf Cove, FL, Grove City, FL, Boca Grande, FL. We service these cities and little towns close to these cities. These cities listed is our main geographical region in the state of Florida served at this time in the related areas of tree care/residential yard related tasks. We will however, soon service brush removal over the entire state of Florida.

We will drive to Sarasota, Fl for brush removal & tree clearing jobs, and other bigger jobs related to tree service

Counties We Service: Charlotte County Florida, Sarasota County Florida, Lee County Florida, we will travel to counties further away if it is a bigger job.

Equipment Used

- We use a 35 foot Bucket Truck When Trees are accessible

- Stump Grinders

- 16 foot vegetation debris trailer

-25 cubic yard (which is huge) oversized debris hauling dump truck

- Various Gas powered Saws

- Bobcat and Caterpillar Skid Steer's, John Deer Tractor

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