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Not only can we grind your stumps and remove your roots the way you expect, we have excellent reviews all across the internet. Southwest Tree Service & Land Clearing is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Click the Home link above to read our reviews. You can also verify they are legitimate reviews by visiting the source website written next to review.

Stump Grinding

We can Grind and remove all stumps. We can grind down any sized stump. Please call for a free estimate today!

Root Removal

If you want to plant a tree or shrub directly on top of where existing tree or shrub is. Your in the right place. I can get any stump or root system out of the ground. Call for a free estimate today!

New Construction

If you plan on pouring a concrete slab for a house or driveway make sure you get all the roots out of the ground or slab will crack down the road, also bearing walls can settle and cost you big.

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