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The main type of Land clearing/Brush Removal we do is called mulching/invasive mulching. Not only can we Mulch your Brush Problem, Clear your Side Lot, and Totally Remove Trees and Roots the way you expect, we also have excellent reviews all across the internet. Southwest Tree Service & Land Clearing is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Click the Home link above to read our reviews. You can also verify they are legitimate reviews by visiting the source website written next to review.

Southwest Trees and Land Clearing can legally do New Construction Land Clearing in Sarasota County. We are also licensed to do brush clearing/ mulching clearing all counties.

In Charlotte County southwest trees and land clearing can only do new construction land clearing with owner builders & under General Contractors permit only. Meaning the owner builder will have to get the permit themselves! Also, we can work with contractors who supervise. If you want to work with a licensed land clearing contractor in Charlotte County Fl please call us I have a friend that is licensed I can refer you to!

Lot Mulching

Lot mulching can save you money and Increase the value of your property, help prevent fires, and open up scenery!!! You'll have to read below to understand how!

Lot mulching is a process that shreds and chews up brush, small trees, and medium trees into mulch (bigger than normal mulch). Even though it is bigger it is still much nicer than wild out of control, unattractive brush filled with dead non-pruned branches, vines, and old dead growth!! This will cut brush and the trees down to several inches above the ground. Properties look good and more maintained after having them mulched. See Example Below!!

Lot Clearing, Tree Clearing, Brush Removal Englewood, FL 34224

Fire Prevention. : The more dead wood, pine needles, leaves, ect. near your home the more risk your roof or wood walls will catch. One of the fire fighters in the Englewood City Fire Department told me that 30 feet is the best distance away. It is Fire Wise to cut wild out of control brush near your home, making a 30 feet clearance between home and woods,this is according to (NFPA) National Fire Protection Association. This gives you the right to take care of that nasty jungle along your house, and gives you an excellent argument with anyone that may oppose or give you a hard time.

Walk Your Land First: Lot mulching can help you see across the property without your line of site being blocked by brush and small trees. You will also be able to walk the property without worrying your going to get jumped by an out of control armadillo, possum, or perhaps a wound up gopher turtle. Kind of funny to think about. In Conclusion, Since you can see your property your less likely to tell the land clearing company take it all down. Hence, you save a few nice very expensive trees by being able to see your property and walk on your property.

The county wants a certain number of trees on your property. They value the trees and plants in a point system. When your new home is finished the county will require a certain number of trees. So again, saving a nice tree can save you a lot of money.

Increase the Value of your Property and Sell your Home Faster: If your one of the few homes for sale that has a bigger space buffer between your home and the surrounding woods your house will stand out, and may be the deciding factor with buyers . This may add value even if it is just a few thousand dollars, so I feel this recoups some of the costs, specially if its a towering jungle. And it definitely can stand out. People like the extra distance away from all those critters.

Save Money - Ways Lot Mulching can save you Money.: 1. Lot Mulching can save money$ in the land clearing process future dump Costs. 2. Fire cost house and possibly your trees catching fire 3. Future roof repair from fallen trees 4. Mulching can replenish soil, this is for rural projects like farms. and im sorry repeating # 6. Not having to replant nice trees, that is expensive.

Trees to Save ***Remember a 6 foot oak costs about 400$ to plant, so becareful with the oaks, pines, and similar valuable trees. You should leave a patch of little oaks, or a patch of little pines, and other nice looking native plants should be left alone and not mulched!***, .

Examples: Trees on Border you should leave: Trees 4 feet or larger like Cabbage palm, Oak, Pine, these specific trees will not regrow. These are the type trees people may care about. Most trees will regrow even when cut to the base of the tree. Don't worry about Palmetto bushes, myrtle, or small cabbage palm. They will all regrow to 4 feet in a short time, Most plants will regrow, the mentioned above will not regrow. Most likely new sapling of the same kind will grow again in these areas.

The nice green New growth will look better than old growth, much better than those old dead branches. Example: after state parks perform controlled burning the new growth phase is very green and nice.

Drive up the street and take notice that people with quarter acres rarely save patches of wild grown plants. It does happen every now and then. So Just use good judgement and make an easy choice to cut the nasty stuff down and leave the nice stuff there. I'm just here to help you think it thru. What I'm saying is 1 person in a 1000 leave a nasty patch of brush jungle in there quarter acre yard, so its ok to environmentally prune it back to ground level.

No one cares about the pepper bushes, and the terrible looking brush. Consider controlled burning, the state performs it. They Burn it. Mulching is like controlled burning. Its takes down the nasty brush and lets everything regrow, and plant life looks way better during the regrowth phase compared with the old dying branch phase. Way better! (remember trees intermingled with a lot of nasty brush plants will be leveled)

Brush Mowing

Brush Mowing is usually for, big nests of vines, high weeds, Grass, and small trees Saplings around 2" in diameter. Brush Mowing is generally cheaper because the land has already been cut down before. If you cut it semi annually or yearly the costs will be way less. Example: a 2000$ First Mulch Cut (this would be a serious jungle) will be way less if you cut it yearly. The costs should come down a 250-400 depending on type of growth for a 1/4 acre annually. Some lots grow faster than other lots, depending on soil types.

If you are considering how much you will save yearly on not having to contain pepper bushes, it is a good amount, they can grow 8 feet if they get lots of sun all day, all year

Land Clearing Services

Southwest Trees & Land Clearing's can legally do brush clearing/ mulching clearing all counties. However, our Top rated Affiliates are only licensed to do "new construction residential land clearing" for "new" home construction in Sarasota County only. In Charlotte County our affiliate partners (*who has excellent reviews) can only clear with owner builders & under General Contractors permit only. Meaning the owner builder will have to get the permit themselves! This means projets have to be supervised by the owner themselves or supervised by the general contractor.

Wild trees are worth a lot of $$: Why is that you ask? Go to the nursery and hire them to plant one 30 gallon oak tree. It will probably cost you minimum 350$-400$, that price includes the price of the oak

So back to the above. Careful lot mulching can save you money in the building process. The county wants you to have a certain amount of trees on your property. So if you bulldoze the entire property and didn't realize there was some nice medium sized oaks behind all that tall brush, you just lost yourself a possible few thousand dollars.

Tree Prices: The price of healthy "30 gallon" oak, pine, or cabbage palm is going for 225$ and up

When Clearing Land for new construction it is important to remove the roots. You remove big roots systems and small roots systems. Removing the shallow roots is called "Root Raking" This is done because roots break down over time and turn back into soil. This can cause sink holes and building foundations to crack, and bearing walls to settle $$.

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Lot Mulching, Brush Mowing, Land Clearing Services

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