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Not only can we remove your tree, prune your tree, and grind your stumps the way you expect, we also have excellent reviews all across the internet. Southwest Tree Service & Land Clearing is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Click the Home link above to read our reviews. You can also verify they are legitimate reviews by visiting the source website written next to review.

Tree Removal

Southwest Tree Service & Land Clearing can handle all your tree removal needs.

Tree removal is a dangerous business so make sure you go about removing it the right way. The most important part of Tree Removal is safety of Customers, Crew, Neighbors, and Pets. Next most important is the value of your property and plants.

Dead Tree Removal: It is best to remove dead and dying trees with a Bucket Truck or Crane. Otherwise a man could end up dead on your property. This is not a joke. I quote, "The #1 reason why tree climbers die is because the tree falls down with the climber in it." Do yourself a favor and get a company with a bucket truck.

By the way Bucket trucks are statistically safer than laddering and climbing trees every day of the week. Way safer!! So hiring a company with a bucket truck will likely lower your risks.

Replanting is important for the environment and wild life. However, I am an American, and if you want the tree in the yard you work so hard to have cut down, you have complete freedom to do so, and I'll help you put an end to that tree you want gone. Someones has to do it! I love trees, and I 'd like to see you plant another one.

Tree Trimming

We can handle your pruning/cutting needs!

Trimming trees: equally important as some of the below informative trimming concepts is purpose. If you see a purpose to prune a large branch then it needs to be done. Don't worry so much about the proper pruning. Trees grow for a long time even if the large branch is pruned at the wrong time. Experts say trees live longer when there is no open wounds. Many times large branches pruned result in a wound that will not heal. Even though and most importantly, its your tree and your property so trim them when you want them trimmed, and how you want them trimmed. If you like jungles grow a jungle, its ok!!

One of the more important parts of pruning trees is to prune the branches at the correct time, I'm not talking about seasonal pruning. Season is not much of an issue around here because we have an all year growing season in our area. However, if you want to preserve the the natural look of your tree pruning branches at the right time is very important. Sometimes people call and want to prune a huge tree, but the tree will never look natural again if you prune the very large branches. Technically the tree may look natural again, but it will take 10-15 years for them to begin to look natural. This is because you will have little new branches growing out close to the last cut/prune 12"-20" branch. Those little branches will take a long time to look natural coming out of that large branch. However if you prune a branch that is 4", then it will only take a year for the new growth to look natural again with 1 and 2" branches coming out, and by the 3rd year it will look more natural.

Cutting the branch correctly will help the tree to heal. Many trees in our area in Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte regions can not heal completely if the branch is not cut in the correct place and the correct time. Place would be from the "Branch bark union to the edge of branch swell". Timing would be again the correct size branch.

Size of branch is important when pruning. Prune the branch when it is 5" or smaller. Tree experts call this new 5" cut a "Wound". It is a Wound until the branch is healed over with fresh living bark. Cutting the branch when it is at 5" or smaller will give the tree the greatest chance to grow new bark over the cut. Some trees are incapable of healing and will always have an opening. For example and older tree, tree in poor soil, or a tree that is not receiving suffice light. Don't be to worried about the tree you like, it will probably live way longer. Give it some fertilizer and water it in dry times.

What is healing? Healing is the process in which the tree grows protective bark over the open cut that was created by the chainsaw. Take a look at trees in your neighborhood and you will find some trees that were not cut correctly. If you look closely you will see if a cut is healing or not? If you see decay and no riple, (exactly like a ripple when you throw a rock in a pond) after season or more, this branch is not healing. The ripple is the branch beginning to push new bark and tissue over the cut made by the chainsaw.

Good Practice: When trying to take care of your trees remove the "Dead, Dying, and Diseased Branches". Also consider what experts say, "Branches that are 15 feet from the ground will always be pruned on large trees". Use that information to plan out pruning at the right time.

Please don't become anti Tree: There is a tree just right for you. Consider the Golden Dew Drop Tree. This is perfect for the 1/4 acre yard!! And it is awesome when it flowers. There is a tree just right for you. I have some good ideas if you don't want a really big tree. Trees produce way more oxygen then just grass alone. count the blades of grass in your yard and compare that to the grass and the leaves on the trees. Usually, but not always a huge difference!! Have you ever felt you drove thru a patch of air that was oxygen deficient. I personally have.

One tree in our area that does not prune well is the Pine. Pines are sappy and the branch is totally sealed off at the cut and you will not get the same effect as pruning an oak or maple for example. Oaks and Maples seem to have growth veins plural, or growth hearts that are shaped like veins. There is a growth vein for each new major branch that forms. So if you cut off 3 major pieces the oak will send out a proportionate amount of shoots. Heart for example like the heart of palm. You can't kill the palm unless you cut the heart out. Oaks have a large heart that is spread out like a cardiovascular system in a person.

Trimming palms: experts say its better to leave the green healthy fronds on the tree, and only remove dead and fronds losing green.

Yard services, Whole Yard Clean Up!!

Remove or Prune Trees, Bushes, Weeds, and Garbage. While adding some mulch and new small trees. Small trees end up big trees in several years and cost a lot less to plant.


Make your landscaping beds look new again by removing older looking bushes and trees and then planting new shrubs, flowering bushes, and small plants. Or add Landscaping beds for the first time. Adding some trees and plants along with colorful rock or mulch to your home can make the house look 10 x times better, no exaggeration. Drive around and look at nicely built houses without plants and then look at the houses with nice landscaping. It is a huge difference. Landscaping can be kept under control and looking its best for a reasonable cost, a few thousand dollars $ a year!!

Landscaping projects do not have to be super expensive. Add One landscaping bed or section at a time. And plant small plants in good soil and let them mature. A 25$ plant can be a 250$ plant in a few years.

You may think you have the ugliest house in town but with a little extra features. Some paint, new shingles and plants. Bam your house looks new and nice again. Put the project on a credit and make payments, and your house looks awesome for an affordable 100$ a month. Another interesting tip: Each little feature you add to your house, doesn't have to be big, adds dimension and appeal. Even cheap stuff like a simple gutter, or simple shutters,

Drive around and look at trees, plants, flowers, and flower beds, and little inexpensive architectural features that make houses look a lot nicer.

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